• Speak with your deceased loved ones

  • Discover if you are on the right path

    Discover if you are on the right pathSpeak with your deceased loved ones
  • Communicate with your Spirit Guides & Angels
  • Learn why your relationship is not working

  • Find out if a ghost is hanging around and Why
  • Communicate with your pets – alive and passed

  • Learn and Explore Your Past Lives
  • Communicate with a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer's, Autism, or in a coma
  • Uncover your Life’s Purpose
  • Discover Your Life's Major Lessons to be learned


Welcome To A Peaceful Place

We are professional Psychic Mediums and we are your bridge and connection to the "other side." At Heaven, Can You Hear Me, you can find comfort in reconnecting with loved ones that have crossed over, discover the reasons why certain events have happened in your life, and uncover what your life purpose may be through a personal Spiritual Reading

Through years of seeking answers, learning from incredible world-renowned teachers, and connecting with what most would call “Heaven,” we can surely give you a response to mankind’s most asked question: “Heaven, Can You Hear Me?” 

Have you ever wondered whether your thoughts or prayers could be heard, questioned if there is life after death, or ever felt an overwhelming “gut” feeling about something but you were not sure where it came from? Look no further – you have finally found the right place to unlock your soul’s deepest mysteries.  Welcome Home!

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What people are saying about

Melissa is amazing! With her honesty, warmth and humor, embark on one of the greatest hours of your life. Truly inspiring and life changing! Thank You, Melissa!Roberta S., Chicago, IL
She knew things that no one could have known without having the gift that she does. After my reading, I referred three of my friends and the results were outstanding!S.R. - Fort Lauderdale, FL
A darkness that has haunted me for years was lifted and turned to light. I cried tears of joy. I am a new person. She is my window to heaven. Melissa is a true healer of the soul.Vanessa S, New York, NY