Services Offered

Spiritual Readings via Phone or Zoom

In Your Spiritual Reading, we connect to your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Loved ones.  We ask that you hold your questions until the middle of the session so we can channel all of the information that your Spirit Team has been waiting to share with you.  We make sure that all of your questions are then answered at that time.  If we have time at the end, we wrap up with any remaining messages that your Spirit Team wishes for you to have.

One of the biggest intentions in doing our sessions the way we do them is so that you walk away from your session with answers, wisdom, and plan of action for your life.

We dive into your Soul’s Blueprint for your life which includes who you are, what you came here to do, who you came to interact with, what experiences you wish to have, etc.  It unlocks places within you that you may have ignored for some time but feel the weight of the world lifted when you “come home” to yourself again.

Be prepared ahead of your session by writing down any questions or areas of your life you’d like to cover.  They can be as specific or general as you’d like.

Make sure to carve out at least 90 minutes of time for your session as you may want to take time after to reflect on what was shared.  This can be a deeply moving and transforming experience that you want to honor with the time to fully absorb it.

To Learn More, go to What Is A Spiritual Reading page.

  • $1000 for New Clients (75-90 minute session)
  • $500 for Established Clients (60-75 minute session)

*Readings include a recording of the session, if you wish, which will be emailed to you for your safe-keeping.  CD’s are available upon request at no additional charge.

Energy Healing

NOTE: At this time, we are referring all of our clients to whom we believe is one of the best healers on the planet, Anette DeMattio.  This is who I trust with my life and with treating my loved ones.

To get more information on Anette and what she offers, click here to learn more and schedule a session. To go directly to her schedule, CLICK HERE.


1 on 1 Coaching

We are currently not taking on any additional clients at this time.

If you want to get on our wait list, please Contact Us here.


Psychic and Intuition Development Programs for Women

We believe that EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET must awaken their own intuition for themselves so that they can finally trust their gut, become the best versions of themselves, and live their purpose ON PURPOSE!

In order to help those that are REALLY ready to do just that, we are offering a FREE MASTERCLASS to teach you the


Reserve your spot for our next Free Masterclass and AWAKEN YOUR INTUITION once again.

For any women who want to join a group of like minded community of spiritual and intuitive women alike, sharing their tips, strategies and stories about accessing their intuition to create the life of their dreams, join our Private Facebook Community, Mastering Psychic Intuition for Spiritual Women.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

*For our Intuitive Men (we got you!), we are launching our men’s program soon! Contact us to get on our wait list!