Is the reading better in person or over the phone? Will your connection be better one way or another?

Many people ask us if it makes a difference whether we do the reading in person or over the phone. The answer is no – it does not make a difference at all. We connect with your energy – regardless of the distance. It is actually more fun over the phone because we have no idea what you look like and do not know anything about you. We usually book you with a first name so we have no way of knowing who you are. This way, we know that we are channeling the purest of information instead of any preconceived notions that we, as human beings, may have.  It especially helps both of us focus on the information instead of other possible distractions.

What information do you need from me to read?

Right before we start the reading, we will ask you for your full birth name, your age, and your location. It helps us connect with your Akashic Record, although, most of the time, we are connected with your energy right away.

Do you use tarot cards or any other tool to do the reading?

No, we don’t use any tools like that. They are quite useful for many people but we are merely translating the information we are given through our senses. Think of us as translators. During the reading, we usually keep our eyes closed or look away from you – it helps us to “tune in” and not get distracted.

How did you start doing this?

For all of us, the “ability” was always there. Certain vivid experiences would come and go throughout our lives. I (Melissa) didn’t feel ready when I was younger. Most children take cue from their parents that seeing “imaginary people” is not normal and so we inadvertently shut that part of ourselves down. When I felt ready in my adulthood, I stepped into it and I had amazing teachers show up to help guide me through channeling effectively and safely.

Who are you channeling with?

We use our own Guides and Angels, Master Jesus, Master Buddha, Archangel Michael, and other energies that we ask to come in the highest and brightest vibration to assist us in helping you raise your own light and vibration. Of course, we channel with your Guides & Angels too!

What is the Akashic Record?

The Akashic Record is a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey. It is completely available everywhere. Location and time do not affect the Record. Referred to in virtually every major traditional religion as the Book of Life and the Book of God’s Remembrance, this body of wisdom has been an ever-present source of spiritual support for people.

Why Connect to the Akashic Record?

Exploring the Akashic Records can be extremely valuable. What can be revealed is the essence and expression, potentials, and purposes of the Soul. Issues of the lifetime are brought to light from the perspective of soul growth. Favorable and difficult patterns that are present can be discovered. Within the context of the Record, it is reasonable to become aware of and develop strategies for healing and change. These strategies can be based on the energies present that are able to support the fulfillment of any plan for change. Our goal in your reading is to connect to your personal Akashic record. The activity of being in the Record sheds enough light to enable the release of old ideas and patterns. It’s as if the light gets underneath the pattern in consciousness and lifts it to a higher place. This allows us to assist you to receive the greatest source of healing and growth.

How often should I see you?

That’s completely up to you. We see some clients once a month, once every 3 months, or once a year. Some clients use us for spiritual counseling or business consulting and we see them once a week. Some of our clients don’t have any particular schedule and just call us when they feel they are ready to check in. Everyone is different and we celebrate that. We are here to serve you.

Is there a minimum wait time between readings?

Yes and no. Sometimes, our clients feel that they want to have a follow up reading after having their first reading. We will schedule a follow up reading. If we feel a person is becoming dependent on a reading before making any decision, we will make them wait at least 3 months for the next reading. We do this for your benefit. We are here to assist you and help you communicate with your angels and guides but we don’t want anyone to be dependent on us.  We also suggest for our clients to listen to their previous readings because there are many messages that have multiple meanings that will be exactly what you need to hear at a later date!  This is why we call the recordings the “gift that keeps on giving!”

Is there a religious background to the reading?

No, there is no religious background to the reading, although I was raised as a Catholic believer. I have studied many religions and have a great respect for them but do not participate in any formally. If you prefer that I stay within your religious beliefs in the messages that come through, I can certainly accommodate that.

I feel my house is haunted, can you help me?

Yes. During your reading, we can energetically “travel” to your house and connect with what is going on. We can clear any spirits that need to cross over and help “clear out” any heavy, negative energy.

Did we choose the situations and events in our lives?

From what we have been taught (through the Masters and some incredible teachers), YES! Of course, who wants to hear that their soul CHOOSE a horrible situation such as a child dying before their time or a horrible disease that may cripple a person?! From what the Guides and Angels have channeled, there are reasons why this particular soul had to endure this. It is always for a higher reason. It could be what that event inspires you to do. It could be the ripple effect in the lives of that one person that are forever changed. During the readings, we get a lot of different “reasons” and we share those with you. For some, it’s very hard to accept but others, it gives them a better understanding and actually lifts them from their situation into the path they were meant to walk.

Why do some souls stick around?

Some souls cross over so fast that they don’t even realize that they have passed on (car accidents, overdoses, etc). Some souls believe so much that they are going to “hell” because their religious beliefs told them so, that they don’t feel that they deserve to go into the light when they see it. Some souls feel that they have to stay behind and take care of their families. Some souls have actually asked me to help them cross over after their funeral so they can support their families.

Who are helper souls?

It’s the name we give to those souls that have already passed on and have gone through their life review and are back to assist you. These can be loved ones that want to assist you during certain times or lessons in your life.

How many guides do people normally have?

We have seen from 2-25 and more. It varies for each person because of the particular time in their life. If you are going through a major issue in your life, you may have the assistance of many guides and Angels. Also, if people are praying for you and sending Angels, they can be hovering around you and can add to the group. The number isn’t really important. As long as you’re being guided and protected, we are happy.

How do you “tap in” or “connect?”

We do use that lingo but it’s actually misleading. The truth is we are always connected at all times to everyone and everything. When we use these phrases, we mean that we are choosing to focus solely on a particular person or situation. For example, if you were in a crowded room with people having conversations all around you, you would be hearing a lot of noise. Now, imagine there is someone standing across the room and they’re telling a story that you are interested in. So, you intently focus on what they’re saying despite the noise in the room. It’s like quieting the noise and only hearing or “tapping in” to what you were intending to connect.

Do you “see” spirits like you see people?

In our lives, yes. During readings, no. We “see” them as images in our minds. Sometimes they are still like a picture and other times they are like movies in our minds. If we told you to think of your mother and to hold that image of her in your mind, you can most likely see her face, eyes, smile, clothes, – with your eyes open. As you were reading that line, you were already doing it. It is like that for us. We see those “images” of your loved ones, Angels, and Spirit Guides.

Can you actually “hear” voices?

This is a very interesting question as it changes in each reading. Sometimes, your loved ones want to show us images or a “movie clip” of a situation and we must figure out what they mean. Other times, they are talking so much and so fast that we have to ask them to slow down so we can get each message across. What we “hear” is from inside our heads. For example, most people know who Morgan Freeman is. If I told you that he wrote this paragraph, you would reread it and “hear” his voice as you read every word. The voice is in your head and yet it is distinct from your thoughts. As we channel many different energies, we can “hear” each voice very clearly.

Do you remember any of your readings?

No, we typically don’t. Call it a blessing but we are channeling the information for both worlds. It doesn’t come from us and it’s not meant for us so we don’t hold onto that information consciously. What we do retain from readings are any lessons that are being shared by your guides about what’s happening in your life. It’s why we love doing readings so much. We feel that we grow and learn with every reading we give. We see it as a win-win situation.

What do people normally ask for in a reading?

Generally, you can ask ANYTHING you want to know and someone on the other side will provide the answer. Here are some questions to consider: Where is my life headed? What is my life’s work? How do my angels feel I am progressing? Why am I afraid to move forward? Why am I afraid of change? Why do I have conflicts with certain people? Why am I having certain challenges? How can I recharge my body and spirit without spending a lot of money? What do my family/friends/colleagues think of me? When will I meet my romantic soul mate? How can I increase my financial abundance? What special opportunities are in store for me? How can I protect my health? Why are some things taking so long to materialize? What will be my challenges this year? What are the names of my angels? How can I improve communication with my angels? Where is the best place for me to live? Will I have children? When? Will I need fertility help? Are my children happy? Are my pets happy? What should my goals be? How can I turn my biggest goals into reality? What do my dreams mean? How is the health of my family? How can I serve others in my own ripple effect?

Are you psychic?

Yes and no.  It depends on your definition of it. We are NOT psychics in that we are not here to predict a definitive future – one that cannot be changed.  Most people believe that once a future prediction is given, that it is set in stone and that hasn’t been my experience at all.  How it works for us in a reading is your Guides or Angels will give us the highest probabilities of your future.  I always ask for the 3 versions of the future – what if you stayed in the same place, what if you gave into your fears, and what if you became the best version of yourself.  After I share that information, I will supplement it with as much detailed information about who you must become, what obstacles or challenges you must overcome, what lessons you’ll learn, and how your Guides or Angels will assist you in achieving it.  This is what we believe to be the best way to assist someone in applying the knowledge they receive in a reading to their life for maximum effect!  So, I would say YES, I am a psychic in that I can see the future but NO, I won’t tell you that the future cannot be altered.  Also, all Mediums are Psychics but not all psychics are mediums.

I am afraid to get a reading. Some information is just too personal and I don’t want you to know it but I really want a reading. Can we still do it if I’m holding back?

Yes, we can still do a reading if there are parts that are “off limits.” Your Higher Self only shares information that your soul gives permission for us to see. We do not FORCE them to divulge your personal information – especially if there are parts you don’t want us to touch. We highly respect them, your Higher Self, and the work that we do and we maintain the highest level of integrity and honor in being the connection for you. The best part is that after 24 hours, we can hardly recall the information from your reading.

Do I have Psychic or Medium abilities too?

Yes!!!! Believe it or not, we are ALL born with this ability! For some, it comes easier than others. For example, one child may be naturally athletic and can play sports with ease while another must work hard to develop his abilities. The ability came naturally as a child and I shut it down. After many years, I opened it back up again but I do work on developing additional aspects of it. This ability is certainly something that you can develop if you choose to do it.

Can you teach me how to develop my own gifts?

Absolutely!  We offer Psychic and Mediumship Development programs.  Contact us if you are interested and we will arrange a time to chat about where you are now in your development, where you want to go, and how to get you there!