How To Prepare

How Do I Prepare For A Reading?

A few days before the reading, we would like you to spend time on thinking about what your intention is in receiving this reading. We suggest having a sheet of paper or a notebook with questions that you have. You can be specific with your questions or you can write down specific areas in your life that you would like guidance on.

Before the reading begins, we suggest for you to reread your list and request for your guides to bring this information through.

During Your Reading

Make sure you have something to write the information that is being shared with you. We do record the session and email it to you to keep. There has been a very rare occasion that the recorder stopped recording throughout the reading a few times with two sets of new batteries. Obviously, that is very rare as we use a digital recorder to avoid any energetic interference. In that rare case, the messages being given to that individual were not meant to be recorded. This is why we always suggest to jot down major messages.

After Your Reading

Typically, your session has so many messages that it is difficult to remember all of them. When receiving your recording, we suggest to listen to it write down major lessons and messages that came through.

At your leisure, listen to the recording and/or review the notes you wrote every few months and years after your reading. Many times, there were messages that now makes absolute sense but didn’t upon first listening to your session.