What to Expect From a Reading

What to Expect From a Reading

Our best suggestion is to have NO expectations and to come with an open mind and an open heart. We understand that some people are skeptical, which is why your guides give us certain information at the beginning to validate information specific to you so that you can actually be open to the rest of the reading. It would be unfortunate if you spent half the time trying to “figure out if this is real” and not be open to the rest of the information being presented. We are not here to convince you. We are only here as a bridge to share with you what we get.



We are NOT psychics in that we are not here to predict a definitive future – one that cannot be changed.  Most people believe that once a future prediction is given, that it is set in stone and that hasn’t been our experience at all.

How it works for us in a reading is your Guides or Angels will give us the highest probabilities of your future.  We always ask for the 3 versions of the future – what if you continued making the same choices and not change anything, what if you gave into your fears and made decisions from that place, and what if you pushed past your fears and grew into the best version of yourself.

After we share that information, we will follow it up with as much detailed information about who you must become, what obstacles or challenges you must overcome, what lessons you’ll learn, and how your Guides or Angels will assist you in achieving that “best version of your future.”  This is what we believe to be the best way to assist someone in applying the knowledge they receive in a reading to their life for maximum effect!


Spiritual Counseling & Coaching

If you do ask for advice, please realize that this is not coming from us, we are not counselors or therapists, we are merely sharing the advice of your Guides and Angels. Some clients like to ask their loved ones that have crossed over about their new love, which is always fun to hear their opinions. We do suggest sticking to the advice of your Guides, though, as they are the ones who are “assigned” to you in your personal path and are connected with the information in your Akashic Record.


Don’t Go There!

Some clients have been apprehensive to have a reading because they don’t want all of their secrets coming to the surface. Rest assured that your Higher Self only shares information that you are comfortable with during the reading. We do not FORCE them to divulge your information. We highly respect them, your Higher Self, and the work that we do.  We maintain the highest level of integrity and honor in being the connection for you.


Just Different

No two readings are alike. We are all on our own paths that are so intricate, that we can never generalize what we do in a reading. We may spend half of your reading communicating with your deceased grandmother but not speak to any spirits in your friend’s reading because their entire reading was about their relationship or their life’s purpose. Each reading is a journey in itself and we allow the information that you deeply desired to flow through without any particular format.