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S. R. – Fort Lauderdale, FL S. R. – Fort Lauderdale, FL

I had a reading done with Melissa and will be getting my second one soon. She was able to connect me with my father that died when I was young due to a tragic accident. She was able to provide me with answers to questions that were troubling me for years. She knew things that no one could have known without having the gift that she does. I highly recommend her! After my reading, three of my friends went for readings by her and the results were outstanding!

Denise Wasmer – MS.Ed, MHC Denise Wasmer – MS.Ed, MHC

Melissa’s genuine compassion comes through during her readings, as she connects with what is important for you to know. She has guided me in a more positive direction by envisioning areas of my life more clearly and showing me areas that I needed to look at. Receiving a reading from Melissa is profound and prophetic, an experience that I will always cherish. Her insight and gentle compassion have guided me to live a more joyful life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do. You are a true healer and I appreciate how you’ve transformed my life. ?

Jacqui K – Boca Raton, FL Jacqui K – Boca Raton, FL

If I had to choose one word to sum up my reading with Melissa, it would be “Amazing!” She just read for me and I am blown away by not only the accuracy, but also the intuitive nature of our conversation. She was able to connect with my spirit guides and give me very helpful information in a time in my life where I have been very uncertain of so many things such as where my life is going, what I am here for, what my future holds. She also spent so much time and energy answering all of my questions, and bringing so much clarity to my life. I cannot thank her enough for her wisdom, and for imparting her gift of faith and intuition onto the world. Don’t wait another minute living in fear or having doubts, call and schedule an appointment and experience what I did…a huge weight being lifted off of my shoulders and instead being replaced by a sense of peace and contentment. Thank you again Melissa, from the bottom of my heart!

Rohi Custage – MA, HHC, RMT, Director, Energy Of Breath Institute Rohi Custage – MA, HHC, RMT, Director, Energy Of Breath Institute

I am currently going through a time of deep healing and personal transformation. Due to some challenging life circumstances I was debating whether or not to have an intuitive reading done about my life and situation, to see if some light could be shed on what was happening. I was scared to find out! After several weeks I finally set up an appointment with Melissa, who came highly recommended by a friend of mine. It is the best thing I could have done! Melissa is a very in-tune and experienced channel, connecting to my guides and higher truth with accuracy and clarity. I am amazed at the level of detail she gave me about my situation and the people in it, and about what steps to take to ameliorate it and learn from it. I also got some messages from my guides that were music to my ears and confirmed that it is finally time to fulfilll many of my desires and dreams. I was so relieved to hear this news and to begin to trust in my life path and my manifestation powers. So much has changed for the positive since that reading. Melissa is able to tune in to the energy field of others and describe where they are at with total ease. When she sounded just like someone I know in terms of what they would say to me, I knew that I could trust in her work and the reading she gave me. I am especially grateful for her level of presence and dedication during the readings ( I have now had a couple with her), and how committed she is to conveying the messages that need to be heard, and to exploring also the possibilities available going forward based on what is seen in the reading. It is clear to me that she loves what she does and is masterful at it. I highly recommend working with Melissa to anyone who is seeking to learn more about their life journey.

Carol D. – Fort Lauderdale, FL Carol D. – Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Melissa is amazing! With her honesty, warmth and humor, embark on one of the greatest hours of your life. Truly inspiring and life changing. Thank you Melissa!”

Nicole D. – St-Hubert, Quebec Nicole D. – St-Hubert, Quebec

I want to thank Melissa for my long distance reading. Melissa was in Florida and I was in St-Hubert, Quebec Canada. The description of the people I asked her to describe to me were really accurate and their messages were also really accurate. I also noticed that the emotions I was feeling deep inside my heart were what really came out and not the ones that weren’t really a priority. For example, I asked her to describe and speak to a person that I had written down on a piece of paper but my heart was really focused on another and that person came through. It was a wonderful reading and I highly recommend people who have not had a reading with Melissa to do so immediately!

Nicole C. – Miami, FL Nicole C. – Miami, FL

I received a reading from Melissa in mid August…Melissa was very accurate with regards to my emotional state and health given the current stress I was under in my situation. Her advice was extremely helpful and true and it helped me re-organize my thoughts and emotions so I could make my situation better for and I felt relieved immediately. Also, her answers were short and concise. No “beating around the bush” which is something I really appreciated!

Simone Kelly – Miami, Florida Simone Kelly – Miami, Florida

Melissa’s accuracy in my session was ASTOUNDING. She can see what people look like, she describes their personalities, and shared with me tips on what I should do next in very sensitive situations in my life with 120% confidence. She made me feel comfortable and I can’t forget to mention, she is very funny as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for a reading since she is amazing! Many of the things she told me have already started to happen. Get ready for the ride of your life!

Eva S. – New York, New York Eva S. – New York, New York

Where do I begin? To say Melissa has a gift is an understatement. Based on my two experiences, I would say she is a walking and talking angel on earth, a doorway to heaven, a voice for the angels. She will however disagree because she is humbled by such gifts. At a time when I needed it most, because of Melissa’s amazing gift and awareness my (what I like to call) Angels, were able to communicate to me through her. At almost 30, I had my first encounter with death, someone very, very close to me passed. I was lost and confused, full of fear, doubt and anger. I knew nothing of Melissa’s gifts or talents. Her guides and angels somehow managed to bring us together. Just after a short conversation I was able to communicate with my deceased Aunt and together we helped her cross over. Her passing was full of fear and confusion, very sudden. I had dreams with similar feelings. After speaking to her my fears and uncertainties were exchanged with love and peace. She told me things that left no doubt in my mind that it was my aunt who was speaking to her. Because I was able to experience this so soon after her passing I was able to cope and heal like I never imagined possible. My most recent experience is probably by far the most amazing and heartfelt moment in my life. Soon after my grandfather died Melissa and I connected again. This time not only did she confirm my grandfather had peacefully crossed over, she also gave me a special message directly from him and she connected with two little souls – babies of mine who were never born. For years I suffered with this pain. I blamed myself. My little angels tapped into to our session and sent me messages of love. A darkness that has haunted me for years was lifted and turned to light. I cried tears of joy. I am a new person, I accept the reality that I once mocked and feared. She is my window to heaven. Melissa is a true healer of the soul.

Roberta S. – Nicaragua Roberta S. – Nicaragua

My session with Melissa has changed my life. She confirmed many things that intuitively I already knew about myself, but had forgotten. She gave me faith & hope for the future as well as reinforced to me that the Universe does conspire in our favor. She made me feel at ease even as we discussed topics that tend to bring about a lot of anxious feelings in me. She is a warm, kind, and wise soul who can channel messages from my guardians to me! Her gift is amazing and you have to experience it for yourself to see the power in it! I have shared my experience with many friends and family who have been equally touched by her as well.

Jen M. – Coral Springs, FL Jen M. – Coral Springs, FL

I call Melissa my personal angel. When I first went to see Melissa, I was going through a major transition in my life. Melissa was able to bring me much clarity and I was finally able to hear what my spirit guides wanted to share with me. I have been working with Melissa (and my lovely guides) over the course of the past year. I can look back and see my personal growth and I could not have done it without her. Melissa brings a personal touch to her work because she makes you feel very comfortable and peaceful before, during and after your reading.

Kathryn U. – Plantation, FL Kathryn U. – Plantation, FL

My experiences with Melissa have been nothing short of exceptional. It has been a journey of exploration, healing, self-discovery, and peace. I have been to numerous mediums/psychics over the years but I have had the most pleasurable experiences within the warmth of “Heaven Can You Hear Me.” I believe the most important piece to a reading is a sense of safety. As soon as I pull up into the driveway I feel completely safe, wrapped in life and love. The information I have received has been accurate and life changing. I plan to make many visits in the future and would highly recommend Melissa.

Laurie Elias – Corrales, New Mexico Laurie Elias – Corrales, New Mexico

I had the most awesome channeling done with Melissa during a very intensely emotional time.  Melissa brought love, laughter and lightheartedness into our session and that was invaluable.  She was spot on which allowed me to know that she had made true connections with my guides.  My Love and great appreciation go out to Melissa for bringing through the comfort as well as the validations I so needed, especially in these oh so turbulent times we are all experiencing!