How Do You Know When You Are Ready for a Session?



Because I don’t give anyone a “schedule” of how often they should see me, I get this question a lot.


I do this for a few personal reasons…


First, I absolutely love what I do! Yes, it’s become a way for me to make a living while living my purpose but I won’t do it at the cost of my integrity.  I won’t suggest for someone to have a session when I know full well that they are not ready for it.




Second, there is no One Size Fits All when it comes to creating a regular session “schedule.”  No person in the world is the same as the other.  For some, because of what is occurring in their life or certain goals they are working on, they will require more frequent sessions.  For others, they may use readings annually to connect with their loved ones on the other side – like a check in.  Certain clients only reach out in a crisis while others reach out on their birthday as a gift to themselves.



Third, when you feel like you are ready and you make the initiative to schedule with me, you are screaming to the universe (and your guides) “Ok, I’m ready for the next step!  Please help me open my mind and my heart to embark on this new path of living and thinking!  Please assist me in finding my way!”  When this happens, the information FLOODS in for your session and they are actively working with you to help make those changes immediately!  In other words, this is what makes a fun and productive session for us both!




Lastly, when you have a session with me, you are also tapping into your intuition or “gut” at some level.  Therefore, your gut becomes a bit stronger and will help you to figure some things out for yourself.


Check out these few guidelines and see what your “gut” nudges you towards in knowing when it is time to have your next session.



  1. Listen to Your Previous Session – I give out recordings of our sessions so you can not only be present during the reading but you are able to listen to the messages again at a later time. This isn’t popular amongst most mediums or psychics for their own reasons.  My belief is that these messages are meant for you and you should be listening to them at your leisure!  Some of the messages you’ll understand immediately during your session while other messages are meant for you at a later time.  After listening to your last session, if it is exactly what you needed to hear, HURRAY!  It’s not time yet!  This is why I call the recordings “the gift that keeps on giving.”  On the other hand, if after listening you realize that you’ve grown since the last session and you’re ready for the next chapter, it’s time!  Call me to schedule!

  2. New Situation – If there is a new situation that has arisen and you need feedback on it to decide what your guides are trying to nudge you towards, it’s time to schedule! If it’s 1-2 questions, a 15 minute session is all that you may need.  If it’s a little more involved, you can book a 30 minute session.  If you’re ready for a full on session to discuss multiple areas of your life, an hour session is probably best.

  3. Decision Deadline – If you’re facing making an important decision and you want to see where the future of each decision will take you, it’s time to schedule a session. We will ask your guides to present us with the future prediction of either decision.  Then we will ask them which path resonates more towards your best and highest good.  They will help us determine which ones helps you get closer to living your purpose.

  4. A New Day – If you have already made a decision in your life and it’s a “New Day” for you (congratulations) and you would really like insight from your guides on how to best achieve it, it’s time to call! Maybe you finally decided you were going to quit your job but you wanted to find something that resonates more with your soul.  Maybe you broke it off with your toxic boyfriend or girlfriend and you want to learn how to attract the partner of your dreams.  Your guides are a great resource for this!  They know you better than anyone on his planet so their input can be invaluable here!

  5. Recent Death – If you have a loved one pass away and you’re ready to connect with them, it’s time to schedule a session. Make sure you give yourself time to heal first.  It will be an emotional session.  You will determine if you’re ready to connect with them.  I’ve channeled for a widow the day after her husband past and it brought her much peace that helped her through the healing process.  I’ve also channeled for a client who lost a loved one year prior and it was still too soon for it.  Everyone is different in how they deal with death – there is no wrong way.  But if you’re ready to connect, it’s time to call.  These sessions are huge learning experiences for both of us because each soul has their own incredible experience when they cross over into the light and they love to share it with us.  It’s their way of giving back and teaching us something valuable!

  6. Coaching – Did you know that your guides LOVE to coach you? Who would have thought it?!  They can help you open up your own intuition.  They can help you work through a mental block that you’re having with something.  Let’s say you notice you have the same pattern happening in your life with relationships, your guides will let you know if it’s come from a past life and they will coach you to help you sort out how to release the cycle from happening again.  Your guides can coach you through you having difficulty seeing through a situation with a project or at work.  They can assist you in coming up with a “breakthrough” way of doing business.  Your guides do more than what most people think they can do which is why they are my “go-to” when I do readings.  They are truly an invaluable resource that we don’t use as much as they would love us to!  If you are ready to have your guides coach you through your current obstacle, it’s time to schedule a session.


If your gut wasn’t clear before, after reading these guidelines, you’ll have a stronger knowing if it is indeed the right time to schedule your session.


If you’re ready for your next reading, YAAAAAAY!  I’m so excited to connect again!!!

Make your payment online and contact me so I can get you in as soon as possible!



For those that aren’t ready yet, great!  Keep it up!  I can’t wait to hear from you and about all of your recent successes!