Welcome to My Spiritual Blog Journey

Welcome To My Spiritual Blog Journey

While I have volumes of information to share with you and spectacular stories that will blow your mind, I thought I would begin this Spiritual Blog by telling you about myself and the path I chose to walk that landed me in this exact spot.


My name is Melissa Cancio and I will be the voice of the Heaven Can You Hear Me Spiritual Blog Journey.


From my earliest memories, I remember always knowing that I was supposed to be a doctor.  My childhood dream was to be a professional soccer player AND a doctor.  And not just any doctor, I envisioned myself to be a super hero with healing abilities as I flew from place to place helping and healing the world.  As you can guess, I was a huge fan of the paranormal world – ghost stories, superheroes, psychic phenomena, UFO’s.


When I was very young, I had certain abilities that materialized.  I didn’t recognize them to be “abilities” and dismissed them as “figments of my imagination” for many years.  Emerging out of nowhere was knowledge that was “beyond my years.”   The strange, deep, meaningful messages that came through me to those around me were considered to be “coincidental.”  Absolutely certain that reincarnation existed without ever being taught, I could recall past lives vividly and the emotions and memories connected to them.  With a strong Catholic upbringing, imagine my tortured mind as the Church protested these “beliefs” vehemently.


“Wow, you are wise beyond your years”


In my early teens, my mother had her suspicions as she started to ask me to “read people’s energy” to see if they had good or bad intentions.  I can vividly remember one moment when my mom and I were standing in the front yard and we watched my grandmother talk to a man we did not know.  My mom leaned over to me and asked me directly: “What do you think about that person? Are his intentions good or bad?”  I remember answering without hesitation and she accepted it as valid.  Wait!  I taught my mom something?  How did my mom not know it or see it?  At that moment, it became obvious to me that I was different.


Many of my friends throughout my life experienced my “profound knowledge” of their situation.  If I had a nickel for every time I heard, “Meli, it’s like you knew exactly what to say,” or “Wow, you are wise beyond your years,” I would be quite wealthy.  How could I tell them that it was information coming from some other-worldly entities hanging out with us?  For sure, they would commit me as a paranoid schizophrenic!


I gravitated towards older friends – I could speak with them at “their level” about philosophies, the meaning of life, and our purpose in the world.  Sometimes, I did not fully understand some of the statements and advice that came out of my mouth until years later.  Reading through my journals after many years, I could tell where my own thoughts stopped and the channeling came in.  I answered my own questions through journaling.  It was quite profound.  I really liked this part of my abilities – but I was not expecting the next part to unfold.


Throughout those younger years, I had countless experiences with the “other side.”  I saw entities materialize, objects move, spirits walk around my room and felt them physically touch me.  I heard voices as loud as a normal conversation channeled through writing and singing.  Many times, I heard banging and knocking on the walls and had a slew of other unique experiences.

As if those supernatural experiences were not enough to spook me, my Cuban background exaggerated that fear.  An Afro-Caribbean religion called Santeria that grew out of the slave trade in Cuba was something that many Cuban kids learned about.  My parents and other family members would tell scary, supernatural stories that made me vow to stay away from that religion for the rest of my life.


I overheard a family friend tell another family member about a woman who had a spell put on her and died mysteriously within 24 hours.  My Cuban-American friend at school told me about a man who was surrounded and tortured by evil spirits causing him to scratch his face repeatedly until it bled and was unrecognizable.   My father told me his own scary stories about what he witnessed as a child while his mother practiced the religion.


Needless to say, I was beyond scared.  Hearing these “real life stories” was like experiencing every horror flick into one!  Imagine that I had to live with fear of these possibilities while experiencing my own horror stories.  (Note: Not everyone who practices this religion experiences these kinds of things nor do they have bad intentions. I have friends who practice this religion with the purest loving intentions.)


Reflecting upon it years later, I did not feel that I could speak to my parents or anyone else about what was going on.  I assume they dismissed my stories enough for me to think it was all in my head.  As a result,  I prayed and begged for my abilities to go away.  I doused myself in holy water and hid from those experiences until it finally diminished.  That lasted for a few years, until a cosmic breadcrumb was thrown my way.


Enter: My first Psychic Friend.


No, not like this lady.

Ha ha ha!  Wait!  Do people still do this?!

You will find out quickly that I am pretty far removed from the theatrics of this field.


After having ankle reconstruction surgery at 17 years old, my good friend “came out” to my family and I about her own psychic abilities.  It was incredible!  I finally had someone to talk to.  And trust me, I drove her CRAZY with my questions and inquiries!!!!  Ironically, my mother accepted her abilities as did my younger sister.  My brother was too young to realize what was happening although his abilities are off the chart – I did not know it at that time, though.  Of course, my dad was skeptical – even after she told him some things that she nor I nor my mother could not possibly know.  That taught me early on that not everyone is ready for the information.


We began to do some research about these abilities.  We would sneak into the “supernatural” section of Barnes and Noble (a.k.a. the “Occult” section).  The selection at that time was limited but it sparked our interest and led us to nearby metaphysical stores where we took candle classes and aura reading classes.  For my younger readers, the internet wasn’t readily available to us so it was pretty tough finding this kind of information back then.  Now, Amazon is my favorite indulgence where I have these kinds of books delivered to my door!

(Check out our Recommended Books page for my top picks!)


My friend embraced her spiritual abilities much more than I did.  I was more oblivious to the grandness of what it meant.  I remember her telling me, “Meli, you have powerful gifts!  I believe you are more powerful than me.  Be patient.  You will get there when the time is ready.”  If you knew me back then, patience was not a virtue I possessed.

By the time my senior year began, I had recovered fully from my surgery, worked incredibly hard to get back into shape, and I was in my first real relationship.  Because I wasn’t a superwoman with my abilities right away, I shelved my curiosity, pushed down my abilities, and focused on being a normal high school athlete who was being recruited for soccer scholarships.


After high school graduation, our lives took us down different paths.  It would take me almost 8 years and many supernatural encounters to finally accept these abilities as something I needed to develop to help the world and serve my purpose.  Quite frankly, this supernatural field of study was something I was already passionate and excited about.   To me, it was my favorite hobby and I wanted to explore to the deepest parts.  Eventually, I felt that it would help me develop my healing abilities as a doctor so exploring “just made sense.” I knew I was supposed to serve the world and use my healing hands to do it.


What I did not expect was getting message after message for many years that I was supposed to be doing mediumship work for a living!  Trust me, I denied it.  I ridiculed the idea and made fun of people for doing these things.  I vehemently believed that I was supposed to use this gift for good but not make money from it because it would taint the gift.  Talk about the limiting obstacles I put in my own way!  I’ll share that lesson in full detail in a future post.


And like anything in life, when you refuse to learn the lesson, it will SMACK YOU IN THE FACE!  I tend to be a bit more hard-headed and stubborn than most people.  Throughout my life, I had to be smacked a few times in the face to learn an important lesson.  This situation was no different.

And so, I stepped into my work.  After reluctantly taking my first actual payment after doing a reading for someone, something dramatic happened.  The doors of my abilities FLEW WIDE OPEN!!!  It was like an announcement to the world that I am ALL IN!  Use me now!


To make a long story short, after this major step, I began to do things that I never thought were possible.  And the abilities grew every day, even until this very moment.  For example, at the beginning, I would let my client ask a bunch of questions and I would respond with what I heard.  It was pretty simple.  It was back and forth and I was merely translating.  Then the messages got clearer and louder and I would have to interrupt my client so I could share this profound information.  It was really challenging to keep up with the information and I found myself speaking very fast and running out of breath.


Hence, my sessions changed.  Today, I ask my clients to hold their questions until all of their guides, deceased family members, angels, etc. says what they need to say.  What it did for my clients was nothing short of amazing!  Within the first 90 seconds of a reading, knowing only my client’s name, I was able to eliminate their skepticism.  That was very cool!


What I came to learn was that my own growth allowed these clients to not waste time trying to figure out if I was real.  They were able to get right into their most important questions and communicating with their loved ones. This allowed them to fully accept the messages that were coming through.  The lesson also fueled me to push harder in learning and growing more in my abilities.


Using these new methods lead to something even more interesting.  When their spirit guides or angels stopped talking, I would ask my client to begin with their questions.  I would watch their eyes look up and down the list in confusion.  Finally, they would look up and say, “You answered every one of them.  And you even answered questions in my heart I did not even know how to ask!”


My abilities vary.  I will certainly share them with you throughout this blog journey.  I’ll also share with you in detail how I developed my own abilities and I’ll teach you how you can develop yours too.


At this moment, I’m grateful that our paths have crossed.  I hope that something I share will assist you in your path and help you to become the person you were meant to be.


My name is Melissa Cancio.  I act as a bridge between the spiritual and the physical world with the purest intention of healing on all levels.   I am a psychic medium and I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you.


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Please leave comments below about what you liked and what topics you’d like to hear more about.  Looking forward to co-creating light and love in this endeavor together!